Friday, 13 April 2012

meet some of my creations

This is Harry who is one of the diamond sock monkeys who is getting ready for the queen's celebrations later this year

 This is coco. He was the first jumper monkey which I made. He has a very cheeky character and enjoys playing peek a boo

Phillip is a very friendly addition to the group, although he is quite quiet and shy.

This is William who is another diamond sock monkey although it is his jumper which has most of the diamonds design. He is very mischevious and likes to play practical jokes.

Rosy has joined the three boys on this photo as they sit watching the television. they are watching their favourite programme.  animal 24/7 (they like to see the animals being rescued and looked after.)

I will upload some of the bunnies later but I would be interested in what people think. I will be looking into setting up a Folksy account tonight so I may add the bunny pictures then. They are all looking forward to showing themselves off on a site where new families could spot them.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

osodinki The start of something big

It's time I launched my little empire onto the world wide web!
For months now I have been busy creating a variety of creatures who are now ready to venture into the big wide world. Some are very shy while others are very friendly and each one has his or her own character. They love hanging out with each other but many crave a new home.

This weekend many came with me to sit on my craft stall table. They loved meeting all the new friends who thought they truely were oh so dinky.
Some found new homes and I hope that they are enjoying getting to know the new families that they have gone to live with but many more are waiting to start their adventure.