Saturday, 5 May 2012

I need to learn to add pictures and links

So, I am going to try to talk more often on this although at the moment I dont think anybody, other than me and my daughters actually look at it. Anyway that could be a good thing for a while as it means that I can learn how to do more things and not embarrass myself infront of too many people.
I have joined the May dazers on folksy which is a group that supports each other. Everybody tries to list something in their shop everyday and the rest of us do our bit to try to get the items out there. Many are pinning things on Pintrest and of course there is facebook and twitter. At the moment I feel a bit guilty because I am not doing as much as some so this is where it now needs to change.
My new venture with craft fairs and Folksy has really given me a great deal of confidence and pride lately and I feel a new buzz in my life so I really think that this is something which I need to grow and grow.

This is what I have listed today and I hope that I can now work out how to add some of my other favourites in May daily listers on Folksy

I really love this shop above and I may even be tempted to part with some money on something.

Thes are my favourites so far today. I hope to do this quite regularly. So all I need now is somebody to actually read it!!!

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